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Steve Jobs, not a “job”, a Passion

i didn’t realize how sad and yet inspired i would feel when this day finally arrived.  We could see how Steve (i feel like i can call him that, he changed my life, my job, and how i interact with the world) was “wasting away” before our eyes ….. yet he kept on, innovating and inspiring us with his new “techie toys”.  It wasn’t work for him, it was his passion….. i understand.  i have been in the same business for 36 years… not because i don’t know what else to do with myself, but because i truly LOVE what i do.

The world has changed, not JUST because of Steve Jobs, or Apple products, but technology has changed the way business “works”.  I have tried my best to keep up with the technology, embrace the internet, yet still trying to keep a personal touch with my customers.  It has been tough the past few years….. but i am still here!  (My kids were devastated when i thought about giving it up… we all have our moments, and convinced me to fight on.)

As weird as it may seem, Steve’s passing has reignited a fire within, ….. i have always been passionate about my business, my product, and my customers.  i am not perfect, i try to admit my mistakes, and lately i have been about down about small business in America.  This blog is going to be my forum to share with anyone who wants to listen about how it is on this level.  A one woman retail store.  The media talks about small business… i am small business.  Let me tell you how it REALLY is…….


(BTW all the i’s today were lowercase like the iPad, iPhone, iTouch, iPod, etc, on purpose,…. it feels like lowering the flag to me at the moment for the man who lowered his “i” but not his sights.)